Animal protection

We use no fur, nor leather to create vegan friendly collections. S M K is also committed to animal protection activism.



S M K engages itself to donate 5% of each collection benefits to the Korean animal protection association CARE.


Local & Transparent production

All the items of our collections are bought, made and manufactured in South Korea. S M K intends to have a low carbon-impact during the manufacturing process so all our suppliers and factory partners are located around Seoul.


Eco-friendly manufacture

S M K is trying to reach a zero waste production. Therefore, for each collection, we carefully select our materials upon their composition. We use the most eco-friendly fabrics and materials available in Korea. For this reason, we also care about ethical and quality accreditations. Our organic cotton, produced in Korea, is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and our bamboo textile is certified by Oeko-Tex standards – Confidence in textiles.



S M K works with Kayjune Company, the first Korean organic cotton company based in Seoul. Their cottons are certified by the GOTS. In 2011, Kayjune Company got the Great Prize for Textile Quality of Korea as a reward for the high quality of their organic cotton.



S M K creates the collection samples thanks to the qualitative work of our sample maker, Kim Song-Hee, who runs her own sample office in Sindang-dong, Seoul.

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