Deeply committed to the ecological cause and animals protection, S M K tends to become an ever more sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical brand.
S M K engages itself to donate 5% of each collection benefits to a non-lucrative association which has a relation with the thematic that has been worked on during the year.
Find there our beneficiary associations:

3D TOGO x S M K SS15

Created in 2008, 3D TOGO aims to help the population of the village of N’DIGBE located on the plateau of DANYI, especially by providing school support to the pupils of the primary school (by supplying the work material -books and notebooks-), but also by improving aid related to health and relief.


Established in 2007 under the leadership of Pierre Rabhi, COLIBRIS is mobilizing to build an ecological and human society. The association puts personnal change at the heart of its reason of being, exploring the latest ecological and citizen initiatives that help build the society of tomorrow.
COLIBRIS’ mission is to inspire, connect and support citizens engaged in a process of individual and collective transition.


Founded in 2002 by Park So Youn, CARE is the largest non-profit animal rights organization registered in South Korea. CARE not only tries to save animals, but also attempts to raise awareness through campaigns against animal abuse.
CARE works hard to change attitudes promoting the “don’t shop adopt” culture and campaigns for the improvement of animal welfare legislation.
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